Yuri - Nozomi Cover Art - Episodes 14 - 18

Yuri – Nozomi Cover Art – Episodes 14 – 18

Dirty Pair episode 16 Leave it to us! The WWWA is a Wonderful Job! is an amusing romp and an early example of the anime fascination with the clueless rich[1]. There’s also a possible shout out to Dream Park, although I don’t know if that 1981 novel had been translated to Japanese by then.

The Lovely Angels are at the start of a day off when Gooley calls them into work. The unimpressed[2] Lovely Angels attempt to refuse when Gooley casually mentions that the discussion of their bonuses is coming up soon. I have to admit it is nice to see Gooley get some revenge occasionally.

The reluctant Lovely Angels, hoist on their own petards for once, head off to the planet Baham to guard the Chairman of Yoruzuya Enterprises. Yoruzuya Enterprises is essentially a feudal system. The first three executives met by the Lovely Angels are hereditary executives, as is the young Sakurako who has just inherited the position on the death of her father.

Yoruzuya has just won a major redevelopment contract for Baham, and Sakurako needs to be at a formal dinner with the planetary president at 7PM. However she also wants to see the hustle and bustle[3] of a big city for the first time. Cue Kei and Yuri face faulting.

Sakurako is, as mentioned earlier, a prototype for the clueless rich characters seen so often in anime. Her squeeing at the scenery draws a lot of attention, as does her attempt to buy street food with an insanely high denomination bill. Amusingly this includes a biker gang who are saved from serious damage by Yuri restraining Kei.

Sakurako is also chafing at the supervision, and uses a toilet break to ditch her bodyguards. Yes, this is an entirely predictable plot development, and it does require an Idiot Ball to work. In this case the Idiot Ball is Kei and Yuri ranting at the injustice of the universe outside the toilet before wondering what’s taking Sakurako so long.

After reporting in, Kei is for some reason drafted into impersonating Sakurako whilst Yuri is sent out to find her. The Aesop that the rich have their own problems (food tasting/testing, heavy workloads) was probably unnecessary, but mildly amusing to watch.

Sakurako has been spotted by an employee of a rival corporation, the chairman of which just happens to have an assassin lounging in his office[4].

Yuri eventually catches up with Sakurako who delivers the other half of the Aesop: she wants to see the city because she wants to understand what Yoruzuya will be redeveloping. Of course this is when the assassin shows up and the chase is on.

Escaping leads Yuri and Sakurako into a 3D game arcade with a sort of live action space invaders feel. This sequence is hilarious, especially with Sakurako stopping to shoot some aliens in the middle of it, and very reminiscent of Dream Park[5]. To her credit, Sakurako is used to assassins, but the game is fun and new.

Somehow, and it all makes sense in context[6], Yuri and Sakurako end up on a monorail hurtling towards a dead end. Fortunately Yuri keeps grenades in her heels[7]. The arcade is probably the biggest piece of collateral damage in this episode, and I pity the guy on the front desk trying to explain that wreckage to his boss.

Meanwhile time is running out and Kei is forced to keep up the masquerade as the executives head towards the dinner party. Unfortunately if Kei actually appears there it will be a disaster and will probably result in Yoruzuya losing the redevelopment contract.

About all Kei can do is stall, order the car to drive slowly, and trust that Yuri will show up in time and manage the switch. This trust is nice to see, it’s a really good character moment for Kei.

Somehow, and it all makes sense in context[8], Yuri manages to show up with the biker gang in tow for a distraction that includes smoke bombs and jumping between cars. In due course the chairman of the rival corporation has to face Sakurako being walked into the dinner by the planetary president, seated opposite him, and smiling sweetly at him.

The final scene is the Lovely Angels starting their day again as an interview with Sakurako is broadcast. Asked what she would be if reincarnated as an ordinary girl, Sakurako’s response is to say 3WA Trouble Consultant would be a wonderful job, and then wave at the Lovely Angels.

This is possibly the earliest example of the clueless rich character I’ve seen in anime, and Sakurako is probably one of the more amusing examples. The moments of seriousness actually help a fair bit, as does Kei’s trust in Yuri. All in all Leave it to us! The WWWA is a Wonderful Job! is a solid episode with some genuinely funny moments. Whilst not quite up to the standards of the previous episode, Leave it to us is still a lot of fun.

The battle bikini percentage falls to 69%.

Next up: Come Out, Come Out, Assassin

[1] The clueless rich comes up a lot in anime: Ouran High Host Club is built on it, ditto Nogisaka Haruka no Himitsu, it’s a plot point in Maria-Sama ga Miteru¸ features heavily in Inu X Boku Secret Service, and affects some side characters in Pretear. And those are just off the top of my head.

[2] And mostly underdressed. Yuri’s sleepwear seems to involve a sheet wrapped around herself.

[3] “Hustle and bustle” literally appears in the subtitles.

[4] Well, obviously. I mean doesn’t every corporate chairman have his own assassin in his office?

[5] I don’t know if Dream Park was an influence, but there’s certainly been several other shout outs in the Dirty Pair TV series so the possibility is there.

[6] It really does make sense in context. Honest. Trust me.

[7] Which, frankly, I find a lot easier to believe than keeping an assassin in your office.

[8] Again. Honest. Trust me.