Yuri - Nozomi Cover Art - Episodes 14 - 18

Yuri – Nozomi Cover Art – Episodes 14 – 18

Episode 15 Dig Here, Meow, Meow. Happiness Comes At The End[1] has to be one of the best episodes of Dirty Pair. Unlike the previous episode Dig Here is genuinely funny and features a fine display of age and treachery triumphing over youth and skill.

The Indiana Jones shout outs don’t hurt either. 🙂

The action opens with Kei and Yuri lounging poolside[2] as a charmer by the name of Stephan flirts with both of them. In whispered asides Yuri claims to have seen him first, whilst Kei is claiming to have made eye contact first.

The issue of prior claim is never resolved as an old man jumps out of the bushes pursued by sundry suited goons. Stephan is knocked out, Gramps[3] is handling himself quite well, and Kei joins in because it looks like a fun brawl.

It turns out that Gramps is an archaeologist seeking a buried treasure. However he’s in need of protection as his assistant of 5 years Clementine has betrayed him and set the goons loose. Kei and Yuri are “negotiating” for their share of the treasure when the goons interrupt with a helicopter mounted chain gun.

Kei and Yuri take advantage of the situation to “persuade” Gramps[4] to up his offer to 20% before taking out the helicopter[5].

The intrepid explorers then set out in the Lovely Angel for the ancient temple of the Kahanga. Along the way Gramps cooks a meal that overdoes the garlic the way a friend of mine accuses me of overdoing the chilli. 🙂

Alas, poor Nanmo is piloting at the time and overloading his scent sensor results in the classic good landing[6]. This leads into the temple sequence which I’m sure has to be cribbed from either Raiders of the Lost Ark or Temple of Doom or both.

The heroes are captured by the bad guys who trigger a roof collapse to kill them… only Gramps knows the temple better than Clementine so they escape from that.

They confront Clementine again[7], but fall into another trap. Pit, water, spikes, descending roof: pretty much all the clichés in one trap[8]. In this case the clichés include a skeleton of another archaeologist wearing a certain wide brimmed hat[9].

Meanwhile Mughi has repaired Nanmo and they arrive just in time to save the main group. In gratitude Gramps hugs Nanmo and the close exposure to the garlic breaks poor Nanmo again.

When they finally reach the vault, Clementine is stuck in a wall[10] and complaining that the key stolen from Gramps didn’t work.

It turns out three people are needed to open the vault: inserting the key turns three separate squares on the floor into whack a mole games. So Kei, Yuri, and Gramps have to frantically push down the pillars popping up in their squares until the game is over.

Once the vault opens it turns out that the huge pile of gold and silver that Kei and Yuri were expecting just isn’t there. Instead there’s a piece of paper that Gramps claims is a message that three people working together is the real treasure.

Back in Damocles Tower, the Lovely Angels are being philosophical about the whole caper when the news comes on. It turns out that the paper was really the secret of a high powered energy source for which Gramps has been paid a huge amount of money.

Money that the Lovely Angels won’t get to see any of.

Still, Gramps did remember how Stephan was flirting with them and delivers a truck full of roses as a consolation prize.

Dig Here is quite simply funny to watch. The plot races along, and the steady jokes along the way make for one of the best episodes of Dirty Pair. Having a minor character successfully put one over on the Lovely Angels is also rare, and makes a nice touch at the end. Definitely one to come back to, and certainly an episode I’d happily show in isolation as an example of Dirty Pair at its best[11].

The battle bikini percentage rises to 73%

Next up: Leave it to us! The WWWA is a Wonderful Job!

[1] Incidentally the “meow meow” is actually pronounced “nyan nyan” when the title is spoken. It’s also a lie: there are no cats in this episode.

[2] Evidently they’ve finally managed to take one of the vacations they extorted out of Gooley.

[3] He’s pretty much referred to as “Gramps” or “Ojisan” throughout the episode.

[4] Cf: The Lovely Angels negotiations for vacations, raises, and/or bonuses in previous episodes.

[5] There’s very little collateral damage by Dirty Pair standards. A hotel room is about it really, and that would be repairable.

[6] As in: it’s a crash but everyone walks away, and the Lovely Angel (and Nanmo) are both repairable.

[7] There’s a hologram of a hydra in there somewhere. The Kahanga were highly advanced and the traps reflect that.

[8] Don’t forget that this was a TV episode so everything had to fit within 24 minutes or so.

[9] I think that there was a whip as well. Yes, Sunrise really went there.

[10] Don’t examine this too closely.

[11] Having now seen both I’d possibly rate this episode above the Halloween episode.