Yuri - Nozomi Cover Art - Episodes 14 - 18

Yuri – Nozomi Cover Art – Episodes 14 – 18

Volume 2 of the Dirty Pair TV series opens with what may be the weakest episode yet: The Vault or the Vote? A Murderous Day For A Speech!

There is a bizarre mix of continuity and discontinuity in the opening scenes of episode 14 which simultaneously imply that the Lovely Angels are staying on a different planet, whilst establishing the 3WA headquarters in Eleanor City as the main setting.

Similarly there are inconsistencies in characterisation, and all in all The Vault or the Vote is a bit of a mess.

The basic set up is an intruder infiltrating the Pandora Vault[1] during a maintenance period whilst a presidential candidate is giving a speech in the headquarters.

Oh, and apparently Kei has a gambling problem[2] that Yuri is critical of[3]. Not that this stops Yuri making a 5,000 credit bet with Kei as to whether the politician or the vault is the target of the infiltrator.

Mayhem and attempted hilarity ensues but it all falls fairly flat. When turns out that the infiltration was to wipe the shady history of the politician that was held in the Pandora Vault, Yuri claims to have won the bet but Kei more or less skips out on paying.

I would absolutely expect Kei to argue that the bet was a draw because the infiltrator was targeting the records of the politician, and I would absolutely expect Yuri to argue back.

That this doesn’t happen is an even more egregious out of character moment than the sudden mention of Kei’s gambling problem.

There are some good moments with the security system inside the vault but otherwise this is just a bad episode, and I’ve skimped on the synopsis accordingly.

The battle bikini percentage rises to 71%.

Next up: Dig Here, Meow, Meow. Happiness Comes at the End!

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[1] Apparently this one vault holds all of the classified records and criminal registry lists. Naturally it has a death trap security system designed by one of the scientists involved in The Little Dictator.

[2] Which is news to me.

[3] Ditto.