Kei and Yuri - Nozomi Cover Art - Episodes 10 - 13

Kei and Yuri – Nozomi Cover Art – Episodes 10 – 13

Continuity, casual Cthulhu citations, competence, and contained collateral damage[1] make What’s This! My Supple Skin is a Mess a somewhat unusual episode of Dirty Pair TV.

My Supple Skin is a Mess returns to the Lovely Angels home Damocles Tower where something is not right in the sewers. The workers sent to investigate[2] come to a bad end[3] and the Lovely Angels are sent in to help out.

Alas, the chief administrator[4] of the tower all too keenly remembers that the Lovely Angels are responsible for killing Brian, and permanently tilting Damocles Tower. Afraid that they’re back to finish the job of destroying the tower, the chief initially wants to send the Lovely Angels away.

Then he has second thoughts, and in the clear hope that whatever is down there will eat them too, hires the Lovely Angels to fix the problem.

An initial encounter in the sewers ends with one dead mollusc and Yuri badly in need of a shower. Meanwhile Kei is building a compact flamethrower on the assumption that they’ll need to go back down there.

Kei is right: a dead mollusc is brought in by a drone and it’s not the one they killed already. This leads to the Lovely Angels doing some actual research into the creatures’ origins. Apparently they come from the Lovecraft[5] system, and the research points to a way to kill them en masse.

The Lovely Angels even brief the other tower workers on the plan before executing it. The plan itself goes smoothly, which is just as well given how many of the critters are revealed.

Well, it goes smoothly until the really big monster that was eating the little monsters[6] shows up and is unimpressed with the antics of the Lovely Angels.

It’s also hungry and cut off from the usual food supply. This leads to a tragedy when the monster leaves the sewers in search of other food.

The Lovely Angels aren’t about to let this rest, do some more homework, and come up with a plan for hunting bigger game.

A plan that involves tonnes of liquid nitrogen, and manipulating the creature through its photo-sensitivity. The resulting action sequence is well handled and eventually brings the creature down with minimal damage to the surroundings. There is some minor comedic embarrassment for the Lovely Angels right at the end, but even that doesn’t break anything.

Damocles Tower ends the episode in more or less the same shape it started, minus some monsters in the sewers. As a result the tower chief’s attitudes slowly change over the course of the episode, helped along by an Armour Piercing Slap from Kei at one point, and end with a grudging degree of respect for the Lovely Angels.

The Flowers For Algernon references were integral to the story in the immediately previous episode (The Little Dictator! Let Sleeping Top Secrets Lie). The casual shout outs to the Cthulhu Mythos in My Supple Skin is a Mess suffer by comparison.

Even so, My Supple Skin is a Mess is a worthwhile episode, if not the strongest on the third disc[7].

The Battle Bikini percentage continues its inexorable rise to 69%[8].

Next up: The Vault or the Vote? A Murderous Day For A Speech!

[1] Yes, I just added alliterative appeal to the blog tagline. It amused me.

[2] Insert horror movie clichés re investigating strange events like your car disappearing instead of running away really fast.

[3] The sort of bad end that involves a gory discretion cut when the chief administrator is shown one of the bodies.

[4] A recurring setting, a recurring character, and consequences from an earlier episode? Are we sure this is Dirty Pair and not some other series?

[5] Then again that’s about as subtle a shout out as a brick to the head. Yes, it’s Dirty Pair after all.

[6] For values of “little” equal to “3 meters long”.

[7] Yes, that means that another episode title poll will be on the way shortly. The disc one poll is here, the disc two poll is here.

[8] The highest it can go by the end of the TV Series is 85%, which is still lower than I would have expected before starting this set of reviews.