Madman Anime Blu-Ray Cover

Madman Anime Blu-Ray Cover

I took another look at From up on Poppy Hill this evening, and pretty much all of my earlier comments still stand: this film still scores an “Awwww! Sniff!” from me.

It pretty much should from anyone to be honest.

I do have one thing to add this time around though: the finale depends on a trope not often seen.

The Good Parents.

It is often the case in anime[1] that parents will be useless, neglectful, or missing for some reason or other[2].

However the finale in From up on Poppy Hill is the exact opposite. It depends on Umi’s mother listening to Umi, and then setting up a meeting with Shun’s father to fix the problem. That Shun’s father would help is unsurprising by that point of the film[3].

It’s a lovely touch, and I think that From up on Poppy Hill is a stronger film because of it. Those little details can sometimes make all the difference.

[1] And in media focussed on teenagers generally to be honest.

[2] Some of which still apply in From up on Poppy Hill.

[3] Shun’s father is awesome. His absolute insistence that the adopted Shun is his son in ways that matter is just beautiful.