Kei and Yuri - Nozomi Cover Art - Episodes 10 - 13

Kei and Yuri – Nozomi Cover Art – Episodes 10 – 13

Episode 10 What? We’re Heinous Kidnappers! is the weakest episode to date of Dirty Pair. Heinous Kidnappers simply has too much plot for too little episode, and leaves far too much unresolved. If I was keeping a quality ratio like Grant Watson does for his reviews[1], I’d have to give this the thumbs down.

The episode opens with the King of planet Caspia dying and the Lovely Angels being brought in to protect his grandson from a distant cousin. Along the way the Lovely Angels fall foul of explosions, lost earrings, crawling through the undergrowth, being mistaken for criminals, other bands of criminals, betrayals, double crosses, Duke Ruber’s men attacking everything, and wind up in jail.

In other words: the usual. The problem is that it all seems rather forced, with most of the detail missing.

The business with the earrings[2] is to ensure that they can’t call Mughi and Nanmo for help. Unfortunately The Heartbeat of Creados also relied on not having the Lovely Angel, so this episode features a contrivance that’s been done before on top of a much weaker story.

It doesn’t help that there’s just not enough time for the plot points squeezed into the episode. Everything feels rushed, and almost perfunctory. I’m actually left wondering if this is an overly compressed adaptation from one of the light novels.

For example there’s no resolution at all to the storyline with the Duke. A line about his involvement with the drug trade is a throwaway that isn’t followed up on, nor is he pursued for ordering the attack on the prince.

I’m not going to bother going into more detail on Heinous Kidnappers, it’s an episode I’d actually recommend skipping[3].

The battle bikini percentage rises to 60%, along with one of the few truly gratuitous cleavage shots of the series to date[4].

Next up: Hah, Hah, Hah, Dresses and Men Should Always Be Brand New.

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[1] I plug Grant’s reviews on The Angriest every so often, and with good reason.

[2] As mentioned in the last episode, their earrings are also their communicators.

[3] One fortunate side effect of the general lack of continuity is that this can usually be done safely.

[4] See earlier comment re crawling through the undergrowth then pause for an extended shot of Kei in battle bikini facing the camera on all fours…