Kei - Nozomi Cover Art - Episodes 6 - 9

Kei – Nozomi Cover Art – Episodes 6 – 9

Despite the exuberant title Gotta Do It! Love Is What Makes a Woman Explode! is a relatively serious episode of Dirty Pair.

The episode opens with Kei dancing to the end credit song[1], and evidently waking an unimpressed Yuri up in the process. The usual bickering is interrupted by a transmission that clearly reads “From Russia with Love”[2] on screen but is translated as “From Lucia with Love, Billy Galet”.

This basically shatters Yuri’s world. Billy was a childhood friend who promised to marry Yuri once he built a spaceship to be called the Lucia. Despite not knowing where he is Yuri is set to quit the 3WA and rush off to join Billy.

As the bickering of the vitriolic best buds continues the transmission is traced to the planet Poisonville where a number of kidnapped engineers, presumably including Billy, are being forced to build a spaceship. Throughout this Kei is the voice of reason warning the besotted Yuri that everything may not be as it seems

Alas, the 3WA is a business and Gooley is refusing to send in the Lovely Angels without a contract. All of Yuri’s begging is fruitless. However a mysterious phone call[3] with an offer of 1 million credits and an immediate deposit of 100,000 credits changes Gooley’s tune immediately.

The Lovely Angels make their way to Poisonville on a freighter to avoid drawing attention. They then launch a night attack in stealth suits and personal antigrav units.

Despite their best efforts, including Yuri’s rather inappropriately timed application of makeup, Billy is nowhere to be found. Asking after him results in whichever engineer is being asked replying with “Billy…” just before a cut to another scene.

Amid the mayhem and the extraction of the engineers to a conveniently parked ship, Kei eventually finds Billy’s locker. What’s inside is, well, it’s never actually made explicit. The two possibilities are an automated radio left to send an SOS, or a brain in a box.

Either way, Billy isn’t exactly alive in the usual sense of the word anymore.

With the timer running down on the automated lift off of the escape ship, Kei and Yuri have two personal antigrav units between them, and one engineer to fly to the ship. Kei gives up her unit and orders Yuri to the ship, and lies about Billy being on board.

Surrounded, with the bad guys getting reinforcements soon, Kei settles in for a last stand. Naturally, despite the bickering and the threats earlier to break up the partnership, Yuri reappears in the nick of time to help out. Yuri is philosophical about not finding Billy, and consolers herself with the idea of that million credits.

Right up until Kei confesses to requesting the contract and cleaning out their joint account to make the deposit. More arguing, a fade to a sepia still frame of Kei and Yuri about to fly into action against the bad guys, and the end credits roll.

The most interesting aspect of this episode is Kei lying to protect Yuri’s feelings, and the possibility that Yuri knows. All of the scenes asking about Billy end with the cut away, and I think it’s entirely possible that Yuri knew that Kei was lying to make her feel better.

Knowing the truth certainly makes Yuri’s willingness to forgive that 100,000 credits easier to believe.

Overall this is a fast paced episode with some surprisingly subtle character work, and definitely worth watching. Eight episodes in and the battle bikini percentage falls back to 50%.

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[1] After all why would Sunrise pay the licensing fees for another song when they didn’t have to?

[2] No James Bond shout outs here. Nothing to see. Move along.

[3] One guess.