Yuri - Nozomi Cover Art - Episodes 1 - 5

Yuri – Nozomi Cover Art – Episodes 1 – 5

After the insanity of Pursuit Has the Smell of Cheesecake and Death, The Heartbeat of Creados is a relatively restrained episode with a matching title[1]. Trigger warnings for mentions of drug addiction and suicide apply.

Kei and Yuri are travelling to Antares on a rented ship so that Kei can make a hot date in time. Apparently their own ship, the Lovely Angel, would be too intimidating to Kei’s date to deal with[2].

A mysterious ship warps in front of them, and then disappears again. A voice is heard telling the Lovely Angels to “Die” as a countdown appears on their computer screens.

In addition to being unarmed, the ship is also not equipped with the shower that Kei wants before her date. Fortunately there’s another planet on the way to Antares that they can briefly stop at. At least once they persuade[3] the customs officials to let them out of the spaceport so Kei can get to a hotel.

Naturally the Lovely Angels are attacked by a swarm of robots whilst on the planet, and just after Kei finishes her shower. So although the iconic battle bikinis don’t appear for the third episode running, Kei does spend a significant chunk of time in bra and panties instead.

The robots chase the Lovely Angels back to the ship. This is the now traditional section of the episode with random property damage, and apparently deliberate Stormtrooper Marksmanship.

Once out in space, the robots[4] capture the ship in space to drag it to a supposedly decommissioned disposal plant.

The disposal plant has been set up as a trap for the Dirty Pair by the deceased polymath Dr Creados. Apparently Dr Creados was addicted to a drug, and committed suicide after the Lovely Angels destroyed the network supplying it.

Creados was a genius, and his trap basically anticipates everything that the Lovely Angels can do.

Except for Nanmo who was created after Creados died, and has a convenient self-destruct function. As the timer is running down, Yuri retrieves Nanmo’s memory disk, and then throws Nanmo at the central computer running Creados’ trap.

Once the computer is destroyed, Kei skips out in one of the Creados’ ships in an attempt to make her date. An unimpressed Yuri is left behind and snarks that no spaceport will let a ship that contaminated dock. In other words: the running gag of the Lovely Angels being unlucky in romance is set to continue.

The Heartbeat of Creados is a surprisingly tense episode with a real feel that the Lovely Angels are outmatched, and I like that the answer is found in the Lovely Angels taking what time they can to research their opponent. It’s also interesting to note that this is the second anime of the 1980s[5] that deals with computer backups as a plot point.

Unfortunately the plot for The Heartbeat of Creados is very contrived. It only works without the Lovely Angel, and the justification for that is paper thin. Nanmo’s self-destruct is also conveniently introduced just when it’s needed.

The Heartbeat of Creados is still a worthwhile episode, if not the best on the disc.

Finally I’m going to track the percentage of Dirty Pair episodes in which the battle bikinis make an appearance. Currently the battle bikini percentage is at 40%.

Next up: Lot of Danger, Lot of Decoys.

[1] Well, relatively restrained. It is still Dirty Pair after all.

[2] I could make a comment here about Kei being too intimidating to deal with but let’s not go there…

[3] By “persuade” I mean bully unsuccessfully until Yuri shows the customs dude their 3WA IDs. At which point “bullying” becomes “terrify” mixed with “please don’t kill me”. The Dirty Pair have this reputation you see

[4] More remotely operated ships than robots but close enough.

[5] That I know of, and the other is Patlabor by the way.