UPDATE 04/10/2015: As pointed out by Rob Masters on G+, this may be too bad to be true – See Snopes for more.

OK, so I assume most people have heard about the train wreck in the making otherwise known as the “peeple” app. If not start here with the excellent Washington Post article, and then take a look at this Mary Sue article[1].

Leaving aside the social implications[2] I stumbled across this tweet from one of the founders[3] that set professional alarm bells ringing:

Oh really? Peeple can solve the scaling of moderation that Twitter and Facebook have failed to solve? Hence this:

Then Ms Cordray doubled down by claiming that they could do it cheaply.

I don’t think that deserved any more than this:

As both the Washington Post and the Mary-Sue (among many, many, others) have observed this app is tailor made for harassment and abuse, and that the founders can’t (or won’t) see it is astonishing.

But from a purely professional perspective as a business analyst the idea that they can solve the moderation issues at all, let alone cheaply with low staff levels, is quite simply ludicrous. I suspect I shall be observing future developments with amusement.

[1] Thanks to @cheshyrenoir on Twitter for indirectly pointing me in the direction of that article.

[2] See earlier comment re train wreck in the making.

[3] There’s also a parody account out there (that didn’t take long) but as far as  I can tell this is the real thing.