Yuri - Nozomi Cover Art - Episodes 1 - 5

Yuri – Nozomi Cover Art – Episodes 1 – 5

Honest question time: how on earth did Sunrise fit that much material into episode 4 Pursuit Has the Smell of Cheesecake and Death[1]? A much less serious pair of questions is: what were the scriptwriters on, and was it legal[2]?

Before we go any further I need to remind you that, in the immortal words of Anna Russell, I’m not making this up you know![3]

Pursuit Has the Smell of Cheesecake and Death is seriously nuts. The previous episodes had basic themes that made sense more or less from the opening scenes – the rogue AI, industrial sabotage, the casino job – and that defined the basic plot arc of each episode. If Pursuit has a basic theme it is an animal chase crossed with MAD SCIENCE![4] The combination is used to shoehorn as many “what just happened” scenes into the 25 minutes as possible.

The premise is that a cat that’s been used for experimental biotech to boost musculature etc has escaped from the lab. Oh, and the experiment is incomplete so there’s a good chance that the cat might explode like a rather largish bomb at some unspecified deadline. The very pink cat in question pops up in the opening credits by the way[5].

Fortunately the cat has a fondness for cheesecake, and has been spotted stealing from cakeshops in the area.

There’s also a huge lampshading of the inspiration for the light novels by making Kei a Women’s Wrestling fan and a huge fangirl for a duo known as “The Elegants”.  One of whom is the sister of the scientist briefing the Lovely Angels, and shows up in the middle of the briefing. The subsequent squeeing is highly embarrassing for Yuri.

This is followed by staking out cake shops[6] until the cat appears. The chase is then on and:

  • Leads Kei, then Yuri, into the hotel bathroom of newly wed Romeo. His new wife Julietta[7] isn’t impressed.
  • Involves the now traditional multi car pile ups[8]
  • Includes shady fellows in suits and hats who also want the cat
  • Results in Kei and Yuri being (mostly) falsely accused of wanting to rob a hair bank[9].
  • Includes “The Elegants” who also want the cat. Much to Kei’s disgust.
  • Leads to a scene of about a dozen police cars on an unconnected section of road dangling from a helicopter desperately trying to keep the thing balanced.
  • Meanwhile the disgusted pilot of the helicopter is about to take a break for lunch.

Oh, and then it turns out that they were chasing the wrong cat.  Meanwhile Mughi appears to have tracked the real cat down just as the muscle enhancer is kicking in and the end credits roll.

As I said earlier Pursuit Has the Smell of Cheesecake and Death is absolutely NUTS. In other words: truly classic Dirty Pair, and certainly the best episode so far.

Just don’t examine it too closely. Or, at all really. 🙂

Next up: The Heartbeat of Creados.

[1] If you can work it out, leave a comment and let me know.

[2] On the other hand those questions are ones I can happily live my life without ever knowing the answers to.

[3] She wasn’t and I’m not either.

[4] A combination revisited by Sunrise many years in the Cowboy Bebop episode Stray Dog Strut. Which, judging by that grand sample of two, seems to indicate that this is an inherently comedic combination of tropes.

[5] Which gives me a neat excuse to put the awesome opening credits in again.

[6] From the inside, and consuming huge quantities of course.

[7] Yes, they really went there.

[8] If it happens two episodes running, it’s a tradition.

[9] Yes, apparently the far future has a hair bank that you can deposit hair into and retrieve it later. Don’t examine that too closely either.