Yuri - Nozomi Cover Art - Episodes 1 - 5

Yuri – Nozomi Cover Art – Episodes 1 – 5

The answer to that question is “No” by the way. 🙂

Welcome to the second episode of the Dirty Pair TV series Do Lovely Angels Prefer Chest Hair? This has to be an early contender for most bizarre Dirty Pair episode title, but there’s still a couple of doozies to come on the first disc alone.

I’m sort of tempted to run a poll after each disc to pick the best, worst, and most outrageous episode title from each disc, and then do runoff polls in each category at the end of the series. Leave a comment if this is a feature you’d like to see in these posts.

The story for Do Lovely Angels Prefer Chest Hair starts with corporate sabotage of interstellar liners. The company being targeted has already lost two liners to bombs and hires the World Welfare Works Association[1] (3WA) to prevent the loss of a third. That… kind of works. Sort of. I’m sure it was salvageable afterwards. 🙂

The 3WA’s central computer[2] promptly assigns the Lovely Angels under the “supervision” of senior agent Nova Grave to the case.

For all that Dirty Pair is damn near built on Male Gaze[3], the ladies give as good as they get sometimes (and often better) in the sexism and objectification stakes[4]. Very nearly the first question they ask is whether Nova has chest hair, and because they’re irritated as hell with him at the time they assume that the answer is “yes”. He’s not particularly impressed by them either.

What follows is a counter sabotage mission aboard the liner, and one where the Lovely Angels basically get everything right[5], and establish a degree of mutual respect. This is helped along by a convenient flesh wound in the shoulder that reduces Nova to mostly observing the carnage.

Although there isn’t that much carnage in this one. Some buildings get knocked over during the crash landing of the liner, but the passengers are all evacuated first and even most of the bad guys survive this one[6].

Of note is the scene where Kei manually forces a cable together to reconnect the retro rockets. This is strikingly familiar in composition to a scene in Gall Force: Eternal Story (1986) with the android Catty using her body to connect a high voltage circuit[7].

Once the crisis is over Kei and Yuri visit Nova in the hospital, and Nova treats them to some male fanservice of his hairless chest[8]. Much to Yuri’s blushing embarrassment, and definitely proving that the answer to the question posed by the episode title is “No”.

Another fun episode, and here’s the eye catch sequence for your amusement:

The background to the eye catch is not a James Bond reference. Honest. Nothing to see here. Move along.

Next up: Go Ahead, Fall in Love! Love is Russian Roulette[9].

[1] And in case you don’t already know, yes, that’s a play on the Japanese incarnation of the World Women’s Wrestling Association (an inspiration for the light novels by Haruka Takachiho

[2] Really? Did they learn NOTHING from the Brian incident?

[3] See earlier comment about the series being inspired by professional womens wrestling.

[4] A later episode surprised the hell out of me in terms of how progressive it was in some respects. But I’m saving that for the moment.

[5] It happens occasionally. They do solve every case.

[6] Evidently zero-G doesn’t do a lot for Kei’s marksmanship.

[7] That doesn’t end well for that instantiation of Catty, Kei at least was insulated by her spacesuit and was directly connecting the cables.

[8] Presumably the aversion of the Barbie Doll anatomy was due to it being a male chest.

[9] There are multiple translations of the episode titles out there. I’ll default to the Nozomi edition renderings unless noted otherwise.