Yuri - Nozomi Cover Art - Episodes 1 - 5

Yuri – Nozomi Cover Art – Episodes 1 – 5

Ah, Dirty Pair: a dated analog future, cheerfully embraced violence, gratuitous battle bikinis, eighties hair, and a sense of fun that persists to this day. Since it’s the 30th anniversary of the Dirty Pair’s original airing on Japanese TV I thought I’d tackle some light episodic reviews.

The thing to remember with Dirty Pair is don’t examine it too closely. Which is why I don’t intend to dive too deep into the details[1]: check out the Wikipedia link or the TV Tropes link for background, characters, etc.

Episode 1 How to Kill a Computer[2] opens with Brian, the computer that controls the Eleanor City arcology[3], running amuck as artificial intelligences (AIs) so often do. It has to be said that Brian’s not too bright for an AI: He pissed off Kei and Yuri before checking their records and working out who they were.

Once they get going the usual mayhem, hilarity, and bickering between Kei and Yuri ensues. This is why most people watch Dirty Pair, and it is fun to watch.

Most of the damage in this episode is done by Brian: after all he’s the one sending the killbots and hijacking the high speed elevators[4]. Responsibility for the permanent tilt[5] in the arcology tower however has to be shared between the Dirty Pair and Brian: their laser, his mirror.

The resolution is pretty traditional for this era: Brian gets distracted with a sexy logic bomb[6] whilst Kei organises for a junk ship to be warped into Brian’s computer core. That’s a fairly high price piece of property damage, but it wasn’t really avoidable under the circumstances. So, as usual, it’s really NOT THEIR FAULT. 🙂

How to Kill a Computer is a fun pilot episode but one that already highlights the zeerust that is now part and parcel of the Dirty Pair experience. This is an analog world with FTL, enormous computers, and clunky switches and dials everywhere. Just let those aspects roll over you and enjoy the mayhem.

Here’s a fairly decent version of the TV series OP Russian Roulette:

Next up: Do Lovely Angels Prefer Chest Hair? No, really. 🙂 [7].

[1] 26 TV episodes, 10 OAVs, 3 features. I don’t have time to dive too deep. At least I’ve already reviewed the features. 🙂

[2] Which is a fairly restrained episode title by anime and Dirty Pair standards generally.

[3] The arcology is one of the science fictional elements that were big in the 80s but fell out of fashion afterwards. Much like the O’Neill colonies of MS Gundam.

[4] As in: at least 2 gravities worth of acceleration high speed elevators.

[5] The tilt never gets fixed, and is visible for the remainder of the series IIRC.

[6] Kei asks Brian to decide which of the Lovely Angels is more attractive.

[7] I suspect I’ll be saying that a lot with respect to the episode titles. I told you How to Kill a Computer was relatively restrained.