I’m currently watching, and mostly enjoying, Macross Frontier. That said I’m starting to get a little irritated by the apparent addiction of the script writers to continuity porn.

By episode 17 I’ve lost count of the scenes and characters that are repeats or reworks of earlier instalments in the franchise. That’s not even counting the retread of the Lynn Minmay story arc[1], aka Music Will Save Everything aka every series of Macross ever.

The latest example involved a bridge officer, a Skull Squadron leader, and references to a pineapple cake[2].

I’ve even spotted a Macross 7 reference, which is a neat trick since I’ve never seen Macross 7.

As I said I’m enjoying Macross Frontier, more or less, but these constant references sometimes throw me out of the story. Sometimes less is more.

[1] Apart from anything else Ranka Lee is a much more engaging character, and Sheryl Nome is more interesting than she appears at first glance. I’ll give Macross Frontier that much.

[2] And, yes, it’s referencing EXACTLY what you think it is. Albeit with a different ending and, admittedly, context.