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K-On! is a perfect show to watch between doing sets of physiotherapy rehab exercises. Light, fluffy, cute girls doing cute things, with surprisingly good music throughout[1].

Just the thing to take my mind of the pain in my leg, or the forthcoming abdominal pain when I do my exercises[2].

As with many high school anime, the cast are often improbably talented, managing to write and perform superb music whilst spending more of their onscreen time having tea and cakes than rehearsing or playing. The eventual band name Houkago Tea Time[3] is not an accident.  Yui’s talents at guitar are the most extreme example[4], and may stretch disbelief a bit but I just went with it and enjoyed the ride.

It does make me appreciate Hanayamata somewhat more for showing just how hard Naru had to work to achiever her dream, and some of her failures along the way.

Here’s a quite creatively subtitled version of the OP:

K-on! is never going to be a favourite show of mine, but it is light fun.

Sometimes that’s all I need, and having it streaming on AnimeLab was convenient.  Especially when I was looking for the motivation to do another set of exercises.

Unfortunately AnimeLab doesn’t seem to have the bonus episodes or the OAVs.

So: is it safe to skip these and go straight from season 1 episode 12 Light Music! to season 2 episode 1 Seniors?

Since the ED is probably the better song in terms of earworming people, here’s a nice high quality creditless version:

[1] Especially the OP and ED, and even if Mio’s lyrics for the insert songs don’t bear up to, well, any level of scrutiny. 🙂

[2] I basically watch an episode, then do a set. Rinse and repeat.

[3] After school tea time essentially.

[4] Even if she can’t learn anything else, or play on a different guitar.