The first episode of Ushio and Tora amused me greatly. The set up is the time honoured classic Sealed Evil In A Can that the protagonist Ushio now has to take responsibility for.

The first episode is highly reminscent of the first Tenchi Muyo (although the original incarnations of both franchises are largely contemporaneous) in terms of the temple, the annoying father/grandfather, and the demon sealed by being impaled with a spear

Tora is much more openly vicious/evil than Ryoko ever was. Against that Ushio is also much more suspicious than Tenchi ever was. 

As a result Tora doesn’t get released until Ushio is more or less forced into it, and Tora doesn’t help until he is forced into doing so. 

Ushio with the spear is… interesting*. 

Overall this looks like it will be a fun show. Not too deep, a lead with a clue**, and filled with hilarity and mayhem. 

What’s not to like? 🙂

*To paraphrase Larry Niven/Steven Barnes: “I once had a spear, or should I say it once had me” 🙂

**That’s twice this season. Since when do male characters in anime get to have a clue?