That the US Supreme Court has validated gay marriage throughout the US is all over the internet right now. So, and for what it’s worth[1], here’s my reactions including (where I can) voices from the LGBTQ community.

The Good

That this has finally happened. It is long overdue and I salute it.

Also that the term “gay marriage” is no longer needed in the US. From now on it’s just… marriage.

The Great

Justice Kennedy’s closing paragraph is a thing of beauty, great words that will be long remembered[2].

A thing of beauty to behold.

A thing of beauty to behold.

The Bad

Australia, and knowing that we will never see the same thing during the life of this government. This tweet from Professor Kerryn Phelps is particularly poignant in that regard:

I really hope I’m wrong about this. I really hope that @PaulKidd is right, but I fear that he won’t be

The Ugly

The fight for LGBTQ safety, let alone equality, is far from over. This tweet from Common Gay Boy has far more truth to it than I would ever like to see in this world:

I hate that this warning was necessary, I doubly hate that it will be doubly necessary for LGBTQ people of colour. Please be safe and happy out there people.

This from @Tesaonlineorg is also sobering (and I wonder how much of it is also applicable in Australia):

The Funny

On happier, or at least funnier, note the hilarious parody account @TeaPartyCat produced this condolences card for Mike Huckabee:

And I’ll finish up with this from another parody account @LOLGOP that produced this:

And which gave me an opportunity to mock myself a little[3]:

And on that note: have a good day. 🙂

[1] Noting that I’m am Australian straight white male and therefore on the lowest difficulty setting.

[2] Source: Daily Kos, and I’ve already been warned to not read the comments.

[3] As you do.