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Great convention, pity about my panel. As with last year, GammaCon is a small, vibrant, popular culture convention run at the Hellenic Club in Woden.

The general standard of hall costumes, not to mention competitors in the cosplay contest itself, is high and there’s always another amazing costume just around the corner. The dealers area and artist alley are well populated, with a lot of good quality work to choose from.

In addition to the main stage, there’s a screening room sponsored by the various licensing companies[1], a panel room for presentations, a demonstration area for indie computer games, space for tabletop gaming, and an array of computer/console games.

Way too much to keep track of or report on[2]. 🙂

This year I presented Names to Know in Anime (presentation for download) as my panel and, regrettably, I have to say that it tanked. I wasn’t able to generate the audience interaction I was hoping for[3], and I ended up running well short of an hour. Unfortunately I’m going to have to put this one down as “looks good on paper, not so much in practice”.

I’d like to thank GammaCon for inviting me to do the panel this year, and I’m already planning something for next year with at least one co-panellist[4] that should work a lot better.

About the only technical issue I noticed with GammaCon was the sound system, particularly in terms of hearing what’s happening on the main stage. This was especially problematic when the cosplay contestants were being interviewed.

Overall I really did enjoy today and last evening and would also like to thank the GammaCon committee for putting on such a well organised convention.

See you next year!

[1] Hanabee, Madman, and Siren Visual all had a 90 odd minute block to present 1st episodes of four recent releases.

[2] Although with Goose from Good Game as one of the guests, there is likely to be a report on Spawn Point in a few weeks. 🙂

[3] This despite the promised minties.

[4] For the topic in mind, more would be better. If you’re in Canberra and interested in participating, let me know.