Avengers_Age_of_UltronThe Avengers: Age of Ultron is a worthy followup to The Avengers, albeit with a trend in cinematography that I could do with less of.

My biggest problem lies in the scale, and pacing, of the action sequences combined with the tendency to close up shots. Too fast, too close, too hard for me to keep track of.

In a few cases I had to work out what happened by looking at where people ended up afterwards. This may have been partly due to sitting in the front row due to a full house.

The story kept my attention throughout, and the dialogue gave each character a few funny moments that will no doubt end up being quoted for years to come.

Overall the characters were reasonably well balanced, and the interactions were solidly scripted.

And, hey, I was mostly there in a mood for explosions and I wasn’t disappointed. There were booms. There were satisfying booms.

Fun, probably worth seeing again, and should it come up on a flight to Perth or back, I will.