The Age of Adaline is an engaging, tightly edited, fantasy romance that is well worth seeing.

The lead actor, Blake Lively, delivers a superb performance as Adaline, and carries the film well. She is quite simply wonderful to watch, and a large part of why The Age of Adaline is so engaging[1].

One thing that surprised me about The Age of Adaline is the narration. That isn’t something you see very often in cinema these days, certainly not to the level of infodump it provides both in the trailer and during the film. Yet it worked well, and I think it contributed to the tight editing that brings the film in under 2 hours[2].

As for the fantasy elements, well, the trailer provides as many details as you need[3]:

My only real criticisms are first that the romance in The Age of Adaline feels a tad rushed, and is possibly a touch over edited. Second is the perhaps overly neat ending that doesn’t fully exploit the premise. Then again a film like The Age of Adaline was always going to have either the ending it has or the other predictable ending[4].

Overall The Age of Adaline is a thoroughly enjoyable film, and well worth seeing. Unfortunately I don’t think it’s likely to be a big hit, so see it soon if you can.

[1] Yes, yes, Harrison Ford is in it too, but it’s a minor role and Blake Lively is the one who commands your attention throughout.

[2] Also something of a rarity these days.

[3] Including the narration mentioned earlier.

[4] And, no, I’m not telling you what the two options are, or which one happens. For the former you can guess, for the latter go watch it to find out.