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I’m not a huge Star Wars fan: the endless tinkering with the original trilogy, and the confused mess of the prequel trilogy[1] pretty much put an end to that for me.

However this trailer feels right.

This trailer feels like Star Wars, and I think the biggest part of it is how it is using Mark Hamill and Luke Skywalker in just the right way.

One of the things I’ve been seeing around the internet recently is that Mark Hamill is now the same age that Sir Alec Guinness was when Star Wars was made.

In The Force Awakens, Luke Skywalker should be the Obi-wan, the Yoda, the wise mentor. That’s exactly what this trailer delivers, and does so in a way that makes it feel natural, that makes it feel right.

This is a trailer, that albeit cautiously, gives me a new hope[2] that the magic of the Star Wars I saw as a boy will live again. It does leave me wondering how many people out there saw this trailer, and then saw themselves in this cartoon I saw on twitter:

[1] Not to mention the problems with prequels generally.

[2] Yes, I just went there. Again. 🙂