Yes. Next question[1]?

Today was a lazy Sunday that left me in a mood this evening for trashy, trashy, anime[2].

For that I thought that Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Aka Danjon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darō ka aka DanMachi would do nicely.

Especially after the main Ms Fanservice character Hestia leaped to insane levels of popularity for fan art after the first episode.

The worst thing about DanMachi[3] is that it fails to be totally trashy, whilst also failing to have enough substance to overcome the idiocies[4] that it does commit. This leaves an unholy mess stranded in the middle that is neither fish nor fowl nor good red meat.

There is an awful lot of trash in DanMachi, starting with the character designs and heading downhill from there.

There is also some fascinating worldbuilding that, paired to sensible character designs and without the harem casting, could actually be used to tell a really good story.

In essence the gods have descended to the mortal realm, and have forgone their powers whilst descended. The one power remaining to the gods is to grant a blessing to those adventurers who choose to serve them. The adventurers serving a god are then known as the familia of that god.

This hasn’t stopped the gods scheming amongst themselves[5], and the combination with the classic fantasy adventuring is actually quite fascinating[6].

Alas it isn’t quite fascinating enough to overcome the many flaws including the gratuitous fanservice, the dodgy character designs, the worse equipment designs, the Loads and Loads of Characters still to be introduced, and the limitations of a single cour[7].

So unless I hear really good things about DanMachi as it progresses I’m unlikely to watch more of this. In the meantime here’s the OP:

[1] I was always going to go there. Deal with it.

[2] It happens. Just not very often. Occasionally I reread the Belgariad too. Deal with it.

[3] There’s no chance of me ever typing the full name more than once per post.

[4] The most famous adventurer apparently wears a boob plate and a miniskirt. Given what I had to say about Walkure Romanze (twice) that was never going to be work for me.

[5] Including across multiple pantheons. Versions of Ganesh, Hephaestus, Loki, and Freya are all running around.

[6] The cliched way of managing the adventuring process is less interesting. Defeated monsters drop “magic stones” that are then traded for actual money at a central guild.

[7] Wikipedia says 12 episodes.