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As I write this I’m a little more coherent than I was when I received the Mikey and tweeted this:

But not that much more coherent, and I certainly wouldn’t have been able to speak in public about it.

This was my 30th SwanCon, and it is now true that most of my SwanCons have been a visitor from the eastern states rather than as a Western Australian native[1].

Yet SwanCon will always be my home convention, the place I come to connect with friends old and new, friends that I see but once or twice a year.

For that the gaming room has long been my natural habitat. All I wanted to do when I volunteered to help Rob and Leece with the gaming stream was to share that safe haven with others.

I knew Michael O’Brien, and his terrible loss to the SwanCon community is one reason among many that cancer research is my charity of choice.

Mikey brought so much joy to the games room of SwanCon in years past, and the Mikey Award was instituted to celebrate that in future gaming streams.

That the attendees of the gaming room thought that I was worthy of it this year.

I have no words.

I’m quite literally crying as I type this, and I have no more words than this: thank you SwanCon 40, thank you so much.

[1] The split is 16/14 in case you’re interested.