Log Horizon S2 delivered a stronger ending than I expected. The ending may even be strong enough to keep me watching should a season 3 be announced[1].

I ran a poll earlier when I was most pessimistic about Log Horizon, and I think it’s telling about the season as a whole that the results were evenly split between awesome, OK, and whimper[2]. The commentary on this season has been quite mixed overall as far as I can tell.

The final two episodes were mostly tightly focussed on whether the adventurers can, or should, go home. The raid sequence in which Shiroe’s doubts clouded his initial performance, and allowed Minori to outshine him as a strategist, was beautifully handled. The character work in this sequence is superb, and is Log Horizon at its very best.

Of course, once Shiroe’s doubts were resolved, the villain in glasses made a triumphant comeback. 🙂

The final conversation with Kanami and the reappearance of Crusty[3] was a nice touch, if still something of a distraction from the main story. Ditto for the various “where are they now” touches throughout the final episode.

It should also be noted that Log Horizon may be in the same boat that Twelve Kingdoms found itself in: unable to proceed due to running out of published material[4]. So there may not be a S3 announcement for a while, if ever[5].

Overall, Log Horizon S2 remains a mostly muddled season partially redeemed by a strong finale. I’ll make a decision about watching S3 if and when it eventuates.

[1] There wasn’t an end card announcement this time, and I haven’t seen anything elsewhere.

[2] I fairly obviously voted for “whimper”.

[3] Not forgetting Crusty’s gruesome souvenir, thankfully kept bagged when on screen.

[4] I don’t have a link handy but I’ve seen commentary about that Log Horizon has now caught up to the novels. If you have a source for this, please leave a comment and I’ll include a link in the post with credit.

[5] The moment may have passed by the time further novels are published. Twelve Kingdoms never got additional episodes.