Season 2 of Kamisama Kiss (aka Kamisama Hajimemashita) was pretty much what I expected it to be with one or two pleasant surprises.

What I expected: that Kamisama Kiss would be a charmimg, lightweight, slice of life series about earth deity Nanami and her fox spirit familiar, with Takahashi syndrome[1] applying to the romantic aspects.

What I didn’t expect: Internal consistency with respect to Nanami’s growing confidence and powers, and hints of progress on the romantic side[2]. Both of these are good things to see, especially the idea that Nanami’s powers will not appear or disappear for the convenience of the plot.

If you enjoyed season 1 of Kamisama Kiss, then you’ll enjoy season 2 and look forward to a season 3 (if and when). I’d certainly be happy to spend another 12 or so episodes with Nanami, Tomoe and the rest.

And here’s the S2 OP for your amusement:

[1] Resolving the romance = ending the cash cow, er, series, so let’s not do that.

[2] Only hints mind you.