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Codex Born is a fun fast read, well suited to a flight from Canberra to Perth. It is another desperate adventure for Isaac Vainio and Lena Greenwood as they discover dark, hidden, truths about their world.

Codex Born is, in a sense, to Libriomancer what Kamisama Kiss season 2 was to season 1: exactly what I expected, exactly what I wanted, with a few surprises to keep me guessing.

As to what those surprises are, well, there’s the [SPOILER DELETED] and also the [SPOILER DELETED].

About the only complaint is the sense of middle book syndrome, and wondering how much of the loose ends were deliberately inserted to support what I presume will be the final volume of the trilogy.

Incidentally that’s not the cover to my version – that has Isaac rather than Lena on the cover, but I think i prefer this one.

Other than that, if you enjoyed Libriomancer, you’ll enjoy Codex Born.