Oh how the mighty have fallen. When I wrote my Wild Mass Guesses about where season 2 of Log Horizon was heading I made a fundamental error in my assumptions.

I was assuming that Log Horizon would tell 3 – 4 coherent stories and wrap them up in the finale.

As at Akihabara Raid it wasn’t a bad assumption to be making; the season had spent a couple of episodes setting up the season, and then told a fairly focussed story about Akatsuki. It was, I thought, reasonable at the time to assume that this would be the pattern for the remainder of the series.

The brutal truth is that Log Horizon has completely lacked any discipline or focus in the storytelling after Akihabara Raid. It could be argued that the rot doesn’t set in until episode 12 The Gold of the Kunie, but it’s a moot point either way[1].

Individual episodes of Log Horizon after episode 8 have been interesting, even good. Arguably, even the worst of the subsequent episodes have been both watchable and expanded the world building.

But the 3 – 4 coherent stories I was hoping for? No. Not even close.

The series is trying to do too much, in too little detail, in too little time. Even in the context of the kids quest[2] for the Magic Bag[3] there are too many diversions and side plots happening. What should have been Izusu’s Crowning Moment of Awesome is basically lost in the noise.

Episode 22 Stranger looked to be introducing an epic quest that would being focus to the remaining 3 episodes, but then the next episode trailer promised a side story.


I wanted to like Log Horizon season 2, I really did, but I’m not sure it can even pull off a decent ending anymore.

We’ll find out in three weeks or so I guess. The question is: will Log Horizon get another season, and will anyone persist in watching it if it does?

[1] Episode 13 A Sweet Trap is pure filler, and the rot is definitely in by then.

[2] Episodes 15 A New Journey to 21 The Skylarks Take Flight

[3] Which is not a Bag of Holding, Handy Haversack, or other equivalent item familiar to players of D&D/Pathfinder. Honest.