This government is deeply stupid. 

Sunnydale police “gangs on PCP” stupid.

Pass up a golden opportunity to repeatedly kick the ALP in the balls with steel capped boots stupid.

I’m referring of course to the Forgotten Children report from the Human Rights Commission. A report that the government had three months to prepare a response to, and couldn’t come up with anything better than “Shoot the Messenger”.

Imagine if the government were not this stupid and instead used the 3 months to empty all children out of detention. Then announced a Royal Commission into kids into detention under the previous government.

Every horror story to come out of that RC would be accompanied by a mix of “But we ended that” and “We stopped the boat”, and every horror story would be squarely blamed on the ALP.

A little judicious editing of the terms of reference and the RC would never go near the LNP. 

Solid kicks to the ALP’s balls for months and months, and an entirely unjustified moral high ground for the LNP to boot.

Just how stupid do they have to be to have missed that?