An account of an… interesting Pathfinder session in tweets.

Recovering those artifacts is essentially the mission critical task right now, so the squishies had to take the heat whilst the Kensai was distracted. This ended about as well as you’d expect…

The Battle Herald Menander actually engaged as a frontline fighter.

Briefly. Very briefly. But he did do SOME damage.

Once the Oracle was up, massive amounts of healing ensued, basically draining the party of most of its healing. Oh, and we found the scroll to remove blindness that we’d been looking for.

Given that this was nearly a self inflicted (by one player) total party kill, this seems fair to everyone else. We’ll probably pay for the restorations once we’re out of the dungeon though.


I also had a side conversation with DarkMatterZine about the in game effects of blindness. At this stage I’m going to say that Pathfinder takes a fairly blunt instrument approach to this, and doesn’t capture the subtleties of actual lived experiences with visual disabilities. DarkMatterZine seemed reasonably, and justifiably, offended by this but I don’t know if or how the game rules can be improved in this space.

All in all that was an exciting session punctuated by many moments of “oh crap what do we do now”. I’m looking forward to next week. 🙂