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I’ve been a relatively slow adopter[1] of AnimeLab because the user experience did not, to my mind, compare well to that of CrunchyRoll.

Two recent events have significantly improved my opinion of AnimeLab.

First was the introduction of an iOS app that is much better at supporting AirPlay to the AppleTV. This still isn’t quite as good as an AppleTV app[2], but it has made watching AnimeLab on the main system feasible[3].

The second is how responsive AnimeLab is to criticism. As I mentioned in my Kantai Collection post on Sunday, the sound mixing on episodes 4 and 5 was appalling.

However, AnimeLab were already working on it, and were engaging directly via twitter to address the issue.

Good marks for that.

Then I received this reply today:

I duly tested the episodes tonight, and the problems have indeed been fixed.

As I suspected, the Kongou sisters are hilarious when you can properly hear what they’re up to[4].

So thanks to AnimeLab for solving the problem and for letting the fans know about it. That’s good customer service and definitely edging me towards a subscription if and when.

In the meantime I will raise the other issue I have with streaming anime sites[5]:

I’ll wrap up with the subtitled opening to KanColle since the lyrics really do fit the show , and would add a lot if the subtitles were on the episodes. For example: Kongou is on screen when the fractured English line starts, and there are other subtle nods to the series continuity between the lyrics and the visuals.

[1] I’m still only watching two shows on AnimeLab: KanColle and Kamisama Kiss Season 2.

[2] Since the AirPlay represents one more way to lose at my “favourite” hashtag of #bufferingroulette

[3] 5 speakers and a big TV. Of course I’m going to use the main system when I can. Plus it makes showing stuff to friends possible.

[4] They’re still adorably nuts but I do question the Admiral’s sanity for letting the Kongou sisters out without supervision and with the heavy guns.

[5] This one applies to both CrunchyRoll and AnimeLab