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I’m still watching Kantai Collection, and I must admit that KanColle has consistently exceeded my (admittedly very low) expectations.

KanColle remains gratuitous[1] in many respects, and a chorus of Bellisario’s Maxim[2] or the MST3K mantra[3] is likely whenever I watch it with friends.

Repeatedly. 🙂

That said, KanColle is proving to be a light, fun show that is way better than it has any right to be.

A large part of the fun is the development (i.e. levels in Badass) of Fubuki, and the utter insanity that is the Kongou sisters.

Those four[4] are nuts, and they’re huge fun to watch Chewing the Scenery, and shattering poor Fubuki’s naïve expectations of what battleships should be like.

The biggest problem at the moment, at least on AnimeLab, is the atrocious sound mixing of the fourth and fifth episodes. It’s so bad the subtitles are the only reason the episodes are watchable at all.

I hate to say this but you may be better off tracking down a fansub in the short term for those episodes. AnimeLab are aware of the issue, and may issue corrected versions later.

In the meantime, KanColle is amusing me and is probably worth a look so long as you don’t expect too much. The realisation that I was enjoying KanColle more than more than Your Lie In April is why I finally dropped the latter.

I’ll finish up with the fairly impressive ED (EDIT: now replaced with a subtitled version):

[1] The baths are the repair docks. See next footnotes.

[2] Don’t examine this too closely

[3] It’s just a show, I should really just relax.

[4] Kongou, Hiei, Kirishima, Haruna. Complete nut jobs the lot of them, and they’re adorable.