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Battle Angel Laser Disc Cover

Battle Angel Laser Disc Cover

Battle Angel remains an impressive two episode OAV, but not one to my taste anymore. As I observed with the Battlestar Galactica remake, Grimdark is not for me.

There is very little about Scrap Iron City living in the shadow of Zalem that is not grimdark. The theft of spinal columns, the organ trades, the arena fights, the hunter-warriors who sort of maintain order as bounty hunters for The Factory that serves Zalem…. and the list goes on.

Based on the popular manga by Yukito Kishiro, and loosely adapting the first two volumes, Battle Angel does a superb job of presenting the darkness of Scrap Iron City, the introductions of Doctor Ido, Gally[1], and her doomed relationship with Yugo.

The visual design remains effective, and the dark, used future remains stark and depressing. There are no happy endings in Battle Angel, only acceptance of a sort.

The combat sequences with Gally were superbly animated for the day, and partly explain why James Cameron still wanted to make a live action version as late as early last year.

Battle Angel remains a show that might appeal to some, but it’s not really for me anymore. Recommended if grimdark is to your taste, and I wish you enjoyment of it.

[1] The eponymous Battle Angel.