Last night I watched, and mocked on twitter, the first two episodes of Kantai Collection on Madman’s AnimeLab.

Here’s what I had to say about KanColle:

Episode 1: Hello! Commander!

(Until I can work out some way to stream AnimeLab to the AppleTV it will be a poor user experience compared to CrunchyRoll.)

(In the game the player is the Admiral but is only referred to, never seen or heard. At least not so far. The player has been effectively Cipher Scythed.)

(Read the first paragraph here. There’s text in brackets that will explain that.)


(I suspect “gratuitous” is a word I’ll be using a lot with respect to KanColle)

Episode 2: “Without Dissent, Without Shame, Without Resentment!”

Speaking of which:

It’s not a bad OP all things considered but certainly hints at the fairly gratuitous nature of several aspects of KanColle

(I maintain that claiming yuri subtext makes this more mockable)

(Actually I spoke too soon. If I’m fair [don’t wanna but I will :)] the remainder of the episode did turn it around quite nicely)

(Yes, they really went there.)

At that point the episode wrapped up with a fairly predictable, but reasonably well done, team bonding/acceptance finish. Fubuki-chan has a ways to go, but is definitely getting there.


KanColle is surprisingly watchable, although the fanservice may push it over the line at some point. At this point I rate it “mostly harmless, good for laughing at”.

I’ll probably watch and mock a few more, although I probably won’t collect those. I only collected these tweets because I said I would a few months back.