Assuming that CrunchyRoll get it for Australia I’m still planning to mock at least one episode for the silliness of the premise. However this article on The Glorio Blog does highlight several problematic aspects of Kantai Collection.

Arguably, although not mentioned, several of those elements should also be considered with respect to Girls Und Panzer.

Recommended, please click through to the original article to read in full.

The Glorio Blog

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You’ve probably seen them before, whether it’s on social networks, in fanart, as figures on online shops or in the seedier underbellies of the anime fandom. The kanmusu, or “ship daughters”, twee teenage girls dressed like fashionable sailors and armed to the teeth with equally cutesy heavy weaponry, are the heroines and mascots of Kantai Collection, the new cult phenomenon taking the Internet by storm. Like similar viral fads before it, however, a lot of mainstream geeks have little to no idea what Kantai Collection is even supposed to be. It’s everywhere, from the listings of most popular fanart on Pixiv to the newest figurines being put up for pre-order, to the point where Kantai Collection’s fandom, like Vocaloid

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