I have occasionally gotten into disagreements on the internet. One thing that amuses me is how this tends to manifest here on the blog: one star ratings.

I have a fairly, ah, firm moderation policy[1] and it appears that most trolls don’t bother trying to comment here. I accept disagreement when politely phrased – see the latest comment on Bumper Sticker Feminism for an example of a poorly phrased sentence on my part being correctly called out.

The sorts of trolls I engage with aren’t going to “like” a post since “liking” is attached to a gravatar, but the WordPress rating system is anonymous.

This means that the trolls can helpfully identify the posts that annoy them[2], thereby helping me to do it better next time. This amuses me greatly. 🙂

This is why I won’t be disabling the rating system[3]: I’m getting useful and amusing feedback from it.

So I can share the amusement around, here is the list of one star rated posts as at the time of writing (and when the ratings started)

  1. On Why Anita Sarkeesian is Right (September 2014) (TWICE)
  2. 2014 in Review (January 2015)
  3. Pre-emptive Rant (July 2014)
  4. The Reality of Idol Culture in Japan (July 2014)
  5. BTOOOM! (2012) is DEFINITELY not for me (February 2014)
  6. The Cat Returns (2002) Part Deux: The Disney Dub (September 2013)
  7. End of Training Cycle Progress Report (September 2013)
  8. Waiting in the Summer (2012) (Minor Spoilers) (September 2013)
  9. Patlabor: The Mobile Police (1988-89) (September 2013)
  10. Twenty Days of Anime Movies – Day 15 – Patlabor: The Movie (1989) (September 2013)
  11. Patlabor 2: The Movie (1993) (September 2013)

Other posts have had one star ratings lodged, but have also had counter votes lodged. These are the posts with unmitigated troll spoor for your entertainment.

Enjoy, and the next time a post catches a one-star rating I’ll have a laugh at someone who can’t, or won’t, express disagreement in a polite manner.

[1] Before anyone suggests it in the comments: a) Moderation is not censorship b) Neither is blocking or muting you on twitter c) XKCD is always relevant at this point.

[2] Which in one case was apparently included everything I’d written within a few weeks of the relevant post.

[3] I believe that’s an available WordPress blog setting.