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I have some very good friends in Perth who host a catered gathering for the purpose of boardgaming and socialising after Christmas. I’ve been attending for several years and it’s often the highlight of the holiday period.

This year is no exception and I’ve already been introduced to some new games, and caught up with friends I see all too rarely.
The first game played yesterday was Terra Mystica with the Fire and Ice expansion. The River Walkers ran away with that.

I was also introduced to Mystery Express which I enjoyed but sucked at. I may need to play that some more some time.

I also played This Town Isn’t Big Enough For the 2-4 of us, which is like Carcassonne only better. 🙂


This morning featured a round of Seven Wonders with the new Babel expansion. I’ll need to play that a fair bit before I get a real feel for it.

I’ll be posting informal comments and photos to Twitter as I play things, and I may write more formal reviews once I get back to the laptop.

In the meantime: thank you to my gracious hosts and other friends in attendance for good food, good games, and a generally pleasant time.