In which the always entertaining Artemis surveys the best usages of Bland Name Products (yes, there’s a trope for that, there’s a trope for everything) in anime.

As for my favourites I think I’ve seen Ganon cameras and, uh, Cherry Laptops as well. 😉

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Over recent years, anime has steadily been utilising more and more product placement in their content. While live-action films and television shows are still far better known for doing so, a number of anime titles have been busy playing catch-up; Code Geass has its conspicuous tie-in with Pizza Hut, the Evangelion Rebuild movies heavily feature Yebisu Beer and Doritos, and Tiger & Bunny is of course renowned for weaving in big-name corporate sponsors such as Softbank, Bandai, and Pepsi into the central concept of its story.

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