Is that it? Is that all there’s going to be of Karen Senki? What was the point of that?

For those who came in late, Karen Senki was a short series (11 episodes) of 11 minutes each about a human resistance group called 11 fighting off a robot apocalypse.

You may have noticed a theme there. The theme of 11 is about the only coherent thing about Karen Senki.

The problem is, despite the low number of short episodes, Karen Senki never seemed to have much focus, or a clearly established direction. I was really only watching it because it came out on the same day as Log Horizon, and when I went to look for episode 12 it wasn’t there.

Episode 11 didn’t really feel like a finale, there was no sense that the story was over.

My Anime List has now marked it as finished airing.

If anyone works out what the point of Karen Senki was, can you let me know in the comments? On the bright side, it would only take a couple of hours to run through it yourself.