I watched Guardians of the Galaxy on the flight back from Canberra on Monday night, and enjoyed it a lot.

Yes, Guardians of the Galaxy is a formulaic ragtag band of misfits redemption story complete with Misfit Mobilisation Moment.

Yes, I was watching an edited airline version[1] with headphones.

It doesn’t matter: it’s still a hugely fun film to watch.

The formula is competently executed, the debut queue is dealt with quickly, and the plot races along at a good clip. There’s plenty of humour throughout the action, a superb soundtrack, and whatever else can be said Guardians of the Galaxy was never boring.

The finale is a fairly predictable Power of Friendship and is as competently executed as the rest of it.

Guardians of the Galaxy probably isn’t a great film, but it is definitely a fun film to watch.

In fact I’ll probably be looking to acquire Guardians of the Galaxy on blu-ray so I can watch an unedited version on better equipment[2]. I’m looking forward to the sequel.

[1] Something I plan to correct once I get a chance to acquire a blu-ray.

[2] And also to watch it without the plane noise. Noise cancelling headphones can only do so much.