Valvrave the Liberator is a visually spectacular show that can’t decide what type of show it actually is.

Is it a:

  • Body swapping vampires show?
  • Mystical mecha show?
  • Space warfare show modelled after Mobile Suit Gundam?
  • High school romance?
  • Harem show?
  • Idol show?
  • Mystery involving as yet unrevealed aliens?
  • Commentary on social media?
  • Commentary on social issues such as abuse and NEETs?

Depending on the scene: Any or all of the above.

That’s just in the first six episodes by the way.

The thought of finding out how big the TV Tropes page for Valvrave is fills me with terror.

Valvrave has been competently scripted so far, despite the “you’ve got to be kidding me” moments brought on by mismatched story types crashing into each other.

I will say that the depiction of social media has been spot on. I don’t think I’ve seen an anime deal with social media either this organically within the story or as effectively as social commentary on the pervasiveness of social media.

The characters are reasonably engaging, and the series is visually spectacular.

The thing is, Valvrave has so many story elements that I don’t see how it can weave them together into a coherent finale.

I’m curious enough to continue, but I’m reserving judgement until at least the end of the first season. To give you a feel for the look of Valvrave, here’s the first OP: