The second season of Encouragement of Climb (aka Yama no Susume) has finally[1] returned to CrunchyRoll, and there was much rejoicing. Well, mostly.

When the second season of Yama no Susume[2] was announced my biggest concern was how much bigger the show was becoming: twice the number of episodes, and each episode is 13 minutes instead of 3 minutes.

Given that short form anime don’t really work for me[3], this is somewhat ironic.

However Yama no Susume is working well at the new length. Actually it’s mostly working fabulously at the new length – the number of times I’ve been unpleasantly surprised by the “to be continued” announcement is telling.

Hang on a second, what’s that “mostly” doing in the last paragraph?

Yama no Susume is, or should be, charming fun that’s all about the mountain climbing. Episodes skirting around the edges of that are fine so long as they contribute to Aoi’s continuing character development, or fleshing out the other characters[4].

However episodes 5 and 7 went right off the reservation, and frankly left me wondering what were they thinking? A swimsuit episode? Really Yama no Susume?

It is worth noting that episode 13 also went off the reservation but managed a funny story, especially the [SPOILER DELETED] at the end. 🙂

Leaving those episodes aside I was surprised, and pleased, by how quickly Yama no Susume escalated to the heights of Fuji-San. Even more so I was pleased by how this was played towards both Aoi’s and Hinata’s[5] character development.

You can’t burn through an entire cour of Yama no Susume in an hour anymore, but you will appreciate the extra time it takes.

Yama no Susume is still a charming and fun way to pass an hour or three with. I’m going to be disappointed when I start having to wait a week for the new episodes[6].

One bonus from the longer episodes is a proper, and lovely, OP. So here it is:

[1] The first episode streamed and then… nothing for three months. I had frankly despaired of it ever returning.

[2] Yama no Susume is shorter and easier to type. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

[3] I’ve already bounced off at least two in this season alone.

[4] Kaede in particular has had some wonderful moments in the first cour. Kaede is a class act.

[5] This tweet re Hinata is particularly relevant:

[6] Which will be sometime today. There’s only three more up on CrunchyRoll at the moment. 😦