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When I wrote my first thoughts I was still cautiously optimistic that GLASSLIP would recover from its directionless wander into an actual story.

I also recommended following Pedantic Perspective for a good set of episodic reviews[1].

One out of two aint bad I guess.

As the weeks have progressed and the reviews[2] on Pedantic Perspective have become increasingly, and deservingly, ranty my interest in GLASSLIP has changed.

I’m now primarily watching to find out just how bad the wreckage will be when this show is over.

So, on that note, here’s a little poll for readers to guess just what the final verdict on GLASSLIP will be:

At least it still has a pretty OP (albeit one that starts with as yet unexplained flashback):

[1] As I know from experience episodic reviews are hard to do well. There’s a reason I limit them to series I’m already a big fan of.

[2] These reviews contain decent synopses which is why I’m not bothering to describe the mess of the GLASSLIP scripting here.