Whilst it’s true that good anime can be created from video games, nothing good can come of Girlfriend (Beta) the anime.

To support my first point I refer you to ef: a tale of memories (trigger warnings apply), ef: a tale of melodies (ditto), Diamond Daydreams (safe), and Hiiro no Kakera (also safe).

As for second point…

Well. Here’s the trailer that was just posted on CrunchyRoll:

And here’s the gameplay description from WikiPedia (emphasis added):

“The game is a dating simulator which features over 100 different virtual girls, each with a unique voice actress. The player progresses their relationship with the virtual girlfriend by taking her on dates…”

There’s more, but you get the trashy, trashy idea. Basically every standard type of anime girl you’ve ever seen will be here somewhere, and none of them will be more than a mechanical collection of tropes.

None of them will be characters as such. Most will be Fanservice Girls of some sort (whether it’s innocent or deliberate will vary with the stereotype).

The linked CrunchyRoll news item has a static image of 25 of the stereotypes, er, characters, and it is obvious what several of them will be (sporty, flirty, student council members, tsunderes, ojous, etc, etc).

This isn’t even a Kantai Collection where some amusement might be had from mocking it.

This is a Walkure Romanze in the making and fleeing screaming is the only valid response[1].


[1] So, no, you don’t get a poll on this one. There really is only one option here.

[2] I’ve been having a fairly awful week and I’d like to thank CrunchyRoll for giving me something to rant about. I’m still feeling sick, but that little rant at least made me a bit happier. 🙂