In which it is revealed that having the top brass observe your operations can cramp your tactical style.

Briefing the Boss

The last session ended with the Lich Lord disappearing moments before Damien[1] enters the Library in the Mages’ Castle[2]. The suddenly youthful Treffen is led away by Alyssa for debriefing[3].

The party reports the conversation with the Chronomancer to Damien who asks “which Chronomancer?” Apparently there are at least three, or at least three different aspects[4].

Upon beng advised that there is a tracking stone down in the defence chamber, Damien heads down to party. The party stayed outside of the chamber whilst this was going on.

Multiple combats and conversations were heard coming from the room. Mostly Shadowtongue, but fragments of Undercommon, Necral, Infernal, and Aklo. Apparently Damien was attempting to interrogate the monsters brought forth from the stone, at least until he got bored and destroyed the stone.

This did improve his mood somewhat, which is when the party discussed the Chronomancer’s advice with Damien.

The new council member has been selected, and the meeting will be held in the Mages’ Castle. Menander questions the wisdom of meeting here, but is advised that there is one room in the castle with defences that no one can replicate.

Fighting the Undead: Round 1

Returning to the library, the party collects the water breathing scrolls that will mitigate one of the attacks of the mummies of the deep. Menander does a little more research and isolates a point on the shore where the attacks have been occurring.

There is a particular location where the mages gather a poisonous plant, and attacks on the shore always happen here, and most often when the fog is thickest.

The party arranges to arrive at the appropriate time. Ferus finds the glowing poisonous plant, and Menander works out that it is a slow poison favoured of assassins known as Witches’ Widow.

The downside of this plan is that Damien is bored and follows at a distance. In addition to destroying the mummies of the deep, the party now have to provide Damien with entertainment.

In due course three of the mummies do indeed attack. This was possibly the most embarrassing start to a combat I’ve ever seen.

Initiative is a D20 roll, to which characters add their DEX modifiers and Mythic Tier. Ferus is at +7.

The highest initiative in the combat was 14, and that was one of the mummies. And then Menander failed the save vs Fear, and was paralysed for two rounds.

Not that it mattered. The fight was over before Menander could have acted in the third round anyway.

Once she gets going Yangrit hands out a phenomenal amount of damage, and scored 2½ kills in three rounds. Kizen channelling to harm the undead helped immensely, although it did result in Kizen finding out how the nasty attack of the mummies worked[5].

This ends the fight but there are more of the mummies out in the lake. Possibly as many as seven, it isn’t clear at the moment.

By which time Damien is now chatting with Jina, Nieth, and Sonya. Yes, those would all be members of the Holy Council.

The Logical Thing to do Next, and why it isn’t going to Happen

Undead aren’t all that smart. The logical thing to do now would be to retreat from the lake, wait 12 – 24 hours, then spring the same trap. It would probably even work if the party could do it that way[6].

However, there are four members of the Holy Council expecting to be entertained, and more on the way for a council meeting that the party will be summoned to.

Well, that’s awkward. Instead of doing the intelligent thing, the party is going to have to go on the offensive.

Kizen introduces herself to Lady Sonya and requests the provision of Water Walking spells to enable the party to do just that. Those will be forthcoming, possibly along with a boat, next session.

Unfortunately at this point Kizen’s player was called away, and the session wrapped up there.

Next week will be an opportunity to talk to the members of the Holy Council, and the next combat to clear out the remaining mummies.


This was a short, fun, session. Despite failing that saving throw, Menander was actually effective as an officer in terms of locating the best combat site, and setting up a battle that could be won quickly.

Having to go out onto (or into) the lake to tangle with the remaining mummies will be a pain. Hopefully the water breathing and water walking spells will make this doable. If not the party may end up needing an embarrassing rescue. Let’s see what happens next week.

One thought that just occurred is to wonder why the attacks were happening there. The plant is defined as a slow poison for living creatures, it may have a different effect on the mummies. Hopefully Treffen will be available next session to provide some advice on that.

Snarky Bits

[1] Damien is also wearing obvious armour for the first time since the party met him.

[2] There is apparently a running gag in the world of this place being referred to as the Mages/Wizards Tower even though it really is a castle. Menander on the other hand is a military type who prizes accurate intelligence: if it looks like a castle, he’s going to call it a castle.

[3] The players for Treffen and Kalmar were absent this week.

[4] The way that was phrased during the session makes me suspect Time Lord regeneration may be in play, and that the number of actual Chronomancers is somewhere between 1 and 3.

[5] Basically the mummy grapples a target and throws up rotten water into the targets lungs. Ewwww. 1D4+1 damage for 10 rounds or until three consecutive Fortitude saves are made.

[6] The GM more or less confirmed this.