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Here are the top five posts on Pirates of the Burley Griffin for the 2nd quarter of 2014 (with commentary after the cut):

1)      The Reality of Idol Culture in Japan (February 2013)
2)      Say “I Love You” (2012): Final Thoughts with Spoilers (December 2012)
3)      Anime Review List (periodically updated)
4)      Bodacious Space Pirates (2012): (hopefully not) Final Thoughts (July 2012)
5)      10 Things in Board Games More Innovative Than Changing The Monopoly Tokens (January 2013)

The Reality of Idol Culture in Japan continues to hold a death grip on the number one slot. This post isn’t going away any time soon.

Say “I Love You” continues to be popular, which is partly why the failure of the DVD to sell in the May charity auction surprised me so much.

I think I’ve had a new reader perusing the Anime Review List to see what I’ve written. Certainly Otakujudge has been commenting on a fair few posts recently, for which I’m grateful.

I thought that the Bodacious Space Pirates post had left the building last quarter, but there it is again.

Meanwhile mocking Monopoly never gets old. 🙂 On which note I remind you of the unfortunate implications edition.

One thing that I do find interesting is that recent posts rarely make the top 5. Short of a major spike or an internet dust up, it is a select group of older posts that continue to perform month in, month out. I wonder if anyone else is having a similar experience?