No Game No Life has a strong ending that leaves the viewer wanting more[1].

Most of my comments for the first eight episodes are still valid (and I think I’ve managed to avoid spoilers entirely today).

When the focus is on the story, the world, and the characters, No Game No Life is a superb show to watch with excellent writing throughout.

When No Game No Life can’t be bothered with this, and resorts to Stephanie-as-Chew-Toy and Reluctant Fanservice Girl to fill in the time, some episodes can be quite tiresome.

When I wrote my original post I was worried that the scriptwriters would try to fit too much into this season. Fortunately this didn’t happen.

What did happen was a well-paced, cleverly executed season finale that neatly wraps up one storyline, expands the world building, and clearly sets up the story arc for the next season.

I’m certainly looking forward to a second season, should one emerge, but I haven’t seen any sign of one being announced yet.

No Game No Life is definitely recommended, if you can tolerate the fanservice.

Since I forgot to include the OP last time, here it is now:

[1] I put it this way on twitter just after I finished watching it.