With a second season of Encouragement of Climb (aka Yama no Susume) on the way I thought I’d take another look at it whilst waiting for pizza[1]. It only took me about that long to watch the entire series. 🙂

Short form anime[2] generally isn’t something that works for me. I’ve tried about half a dozen on CrunchyRoll and my usual reaction is “meh” at best.

Encouragement of Climb is, so far, the sole exception: the one short form anime I actually enjoy watching.

Encouragement of Climb is the story[3] of the shy Aoi who gained a fear of heights from breaking her leg as a child, and the exuberant HInata who drags Aoi back into social engagement and some hill climbing[4] on the side.

Overall I find Encouragement of Climb to be charming, fun, and an amusing way to pass an hour. The less said about the recent baseball promotion however the better…

[1] The weather in Canberra has been… special today. I wasn’t going outside if I could help it.

[2] Which I’m arbitrarily defining as episodes of up to 5 minutes.

[3] I say “story”, it is more “slice of life” with some character development.

[4] The next season might reach some actual mountains but I doubt it.