Yucata is a website that supports online, turn based gaming for nearly 100 different board games. I’m really starting to like Yucata, so here’s my rough thoughts on it.

How it Works

Yucata is similar to play by email in that you take your turns, and then wait for the next player to do something. If they’re also online at the same time, then the game can run multiple turns fairly quickly.

If not, then come back later. So I can check in once or twice a day, take turns for maybe half a dozen games in about 5 minutes, and then wait for tomorrow.

The user interface for managing the games has a solid core that generally supports undoing moves, and cleanly signalling when you’re done. The details (board layout, graphics, specific moves) obviously vary wildly between games.

Note that undoing tends to be blocked in cases where a move reveals hidden information. For example, once you draw cards from a deck that’s usually final.

Something I’ve Learned About Myself

Whilst there are rules pages, such as this one for Stone Age, I’ve found myself struggling in games that I haven’t played face to face. It seems that the best way for me to learn rules is in a face to face experience, rather than by reading and doing without interaction.

This is partially mitigated by the online chat function, especially when I’ve been playing with friends from Perth. That does depend on both being online at the same time (which, given the time difference, is a bit random).

Final Thoughts

Yucata is also free, and free of ads, so overall I’m recommending it. If you decide to sign up, and want a game, leave a comment with your Yucata ID and I’ll add you to the buddy list. Mine is the predictable Arcadiagt5 (same as my twitter ID).