One of the slight problems of midweek gaming sessions is the need to stop at a reasonable hour[1]. We’ve generally managed to avoid stopping during a combat, but last week it couldn’t be avoided.

Given how nasty the Bone Devil seems to be, and that we don’t know much about the drake that seems to be inbound, this is just a little bit of a cliffhanger…

Securing the Outpost

The session resumed just after the battle for the outpost. The teleportation chamber is secure, and most of the Gorumites are in the rear courtyard. Menander and Kizen assist with triage for the wounded.

Meanwhile the rest of the party heads to the front courtyard to talk to Kali.

There is something still moving out there, in the direction that the aerial recon squads headed off in.

Some of the party take a reasonably close look at Kali’s Glaive. This is possibly a mistake[2]. According to Kali the local hellscape is “mostly clear”, and there may be a village in that direction.

Kali and Libertas fly off to attack something.

Investigations Ensue

The party regroups to investigate what the recon squads might have been up to. It appears that the recon squads are led by Fermin, a member of the Holy Council (see below for a list), and that they went to an abandoned village to set up a staging area.

The now thoroughly drunk Alexis[3] mentions seeing the tiefling that should have been here heading back into the mountains a few days ago.

This led the party to attempt entry to Fermin’s office.

Like most Council Members, Fermin is a fairly paranoid individual. The door to her office is both alignment locked requiring blood, and also requires wing tips to be inserted into grooves at the top of the door[4].

At this point Treffen hatches a plan involving wings (or parts thereof) from a dead red dragon[5], and blood from Kalmar.

Speaking as a player, it could have been funny to actually try this. Menander would not have been watching though.

Returning to the surface to collect said dragon wings (or parts thereof) catches the attention of Libertas.


Libertas appears to be accompanied by a young Gold Dragon whose name in draconic is something like “He who shines like the sun and flies higher than an eagle”.

That’s a bit of a mouthful, and Menander’s skills as a linguist enable him to suggest Solaris as a more suitable use-name for associating with humans and the like.

Solaris is looking for a bond-partner since he’s seen the benefits that Libertas has had out of his bond with Kali.

The party introduces Kalmar to Solaris and the two form a mutually agreeable partnership[6].

Fermin’s Office

Solaris is lawful good, has wings, and is still small enough (just) to get to Fermin’s office. With Kalmar’s assistance Solaris opens the door and some intelligence gathering begins[7].

There isn’t a lot to be found – Nieth was asking for recon flights over the inland sea, Deandra was asking if any Faerie Circles had been located in the mountains, and there was also a hurried note from Damien talking about a possible counterattack[8].

The office also contains a topographical map of the area outside the Ring of Fire with pins marking volcanoes, and other pins marking the ruins of villages. The village Kali pointed out earlier might have been selected as the staging point for a counterattack on a Hell Gate.

After some discussion the party agrees to check out the village in the hope of at least finding out what happened to Fermin. Misplacing a Council Member is not a good thing, getting her back would be useful.

The Village

Kizen arranges for Damien’s wizards to teleport the party to the village, on the condition that they are allowed to teleport back immediately.

The party appears in the ruins of a medium sized village. There are signs of a Hell Gate to the north, approximately a couple of days march, and that Kali is launching a counterattack all of her own[9].

Searching the village reveals a possible campsite for the aerial squads, signs of a battle, and signs of recovery.

With the sun setting the party camps in the best location available, sets watches, and settles in for an uneasy night.

The Fight Begins

During the middle watch the approach of an invisible Bone Devil is detected just in time, and the combat begins.

This could get nasty. Menander and Yangrit have been hit by strength draining poisons, there’s a drake of some sort flying in, the Bone Devil hasn’t been touched yet[10], and it’s still the first round.

This unfortunately was when we ran out of time.

Stay tuned for the conclusion of this gripping battle next week[11]

The Holy Council

Since it will be useful to have this handy, here’s a list of the Holy Council provided by Caitlin. Remember: we think one of these is the Big Bad, but no one has a clue as to which one it might be.

1)      Axis: A Dwarven Fighter who is the head of security of Rix.
2)      Sara: A Human Rogue who is the head of the guild in Sarath.
3)      Kariel: An Elven Ranger who is the lead ranger of the guard at Karinith.
4)      Nieth: A Samsarsan Wizard who is in charge of the mages organisation.
5)      Sonya: A Gnome cleric who is a high cleric of Iomedae.
6)      Asa: A Halfing Bard, who is the lead historian and chronicler.
7)      Fermin: A Strix Monk who is the CAG
8)      Deandra: A Sylph Sorcerer who is in charge of interactions with the fey and elemental creatures.
9)      Delmer: A Duergar Barbarian in charge of high level training at Rix.
10)   Jina: A Kitsune Ninja who acts as a moderator.
11)   Azzie: A Catfolk Summoner in charge of logistics and planning.
12)   Luciana A Drow Fighter who is the head of the tunnel guard based in Rix.
13)   Damien: A Fetchling Inquisitor who the commander of the Anti-Devil Division.


As always this was a fun session and an example of PCs being unpredictable. Caitlin didn’t expect us to try so hard to get that door open, or that it would take that long to get the group to the village for the encounter. She adapted well though, and I continue to be impressed by Caitlin’s ability to improvise – an essential skill for a GM.

The battle itself promises to be challenging next session, and I’m looking forward to it but dreading how nasty it could prove to be. Watch this space.

 The Snarky Bits That Some People Enjoy The Most About These Write-Ups

(You know who you are… 🙂 )

[1] Especially as my Thursday morning personal training session is at Stupid O’Clock.
[2] Peter designed Kali’s Glaive for Caitlin. Apparently doing so broke HeroLab. Don’t ask, you don’t want to know what’s on that thing. Trust me on this.
[3] The bard in charge of logistics at Outpost 13 and who is just not handling either the battle or the presence of the Gorumites.
[4] Some of this information came via telepathic relay to Alysia.
[5] Said red dragon having a) met Libertas and b) the misfortune to be smaller than Libertas.
[6] In terms of game mechanics, Kalmar now has one level of Dragonrider.
[7] Spying is such a harsh word. “Intelligence Gathering” is a much more civilised way to put it, don’t you think?
[8] There are no plot hooks in that paragraph. Nothing to see here, move along. Although, if you believe that I have a bridge to sell you.
[9] Gorumites…
[10] And can go invisible after it strikes. Quickened Invisibility…
[11] Or possibly the week after. Continuum X: Carnival of Lost Souls is on this weekend so I might be too busy to do the write up. And that’s assuming I take my notes to Melbourne with me.