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This tweet from @RobertHoge contains a screenshot of the Prime Minister’s press release for the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy.

It takes five sentences before it turns into a statement of domestic politics, and crass politics at that.


I’m sorry, which part of “respect for the fallen” does the Prime Minister fail to understand?

This is NOT the time, this is NOT the place to be engaging in politics.

This is the time to be a Paul Keating delivering the Eulogy at the Tomb of the Australian Unknown Soldier.

Go, read it here. I’ll wait here.

There is nothing of current affairs or petty politics in those words, only respect for the fallen, and for the occasion.

This is why I stop to read those words when I enter the Hall of Memory at the Australian War Memorial.

I hope, I pray, that I will be proved wrong about the current Prime Minister’s ability to rise to the occasion come the centenary of ANZAC Day 1915 next year.

But I fear that I am right, and that something like the press release above will be what happens at ANZAC Cove next year.