This will be somewhat more abbreviated than previous reports as I’ve got a lot of ground to cover.

Session 9: Undead ahoy!

I missed session 9[1] so I’m summarising another recap. The short form is that the interior of the ruins is something of a maze with goblins in one direction, rumours of a dragon in another, and an extensive city below.

This led to an encounter with a mummy with the resulting battle seeing all but Kalmar infected with mummy rot, and two characters significantly drained by it. Ferus acquired a knucklebone of fickle fortune from the mummy. It is worth noting that the GM has ruled that Mythic Surge cannot be applied to the knucklebone…

Exploring in another direction led the party to meet a huge construct Lich Lord that inspired a certain degree of courtesy in the party[2]. The Lich is running part of the ruins as a research lab, and is researching how to kill the unkillable, i.e. gods.

The lich claimed ownership of the knucklebone but traded it for Ferus’ tail. Somewhat disturbingly the tail grew back.

The lich also pointed the party to the orb that needed to be destroyed to break the curse. Destroying that wiped out Yangrit and Kalmar’s memories, but the lich restored the memories for a price[3].

Session 10: Talking and Researching

Menander rejoined the party in the lich’s laboratory and started examining the lich’s research notes[4].

With the orb out of the way Kizen summons Alysia’s familiar[5], which is now either telepathic with Kizen or admitting to it[6].

Relief will be available in about 12 hours, in the meantime Alysia and Damien are battling a full scale incursion led by pit fiends.

The ruins are a complex that were fought over for centuries by Drow and Dwarves, and now hold a very large red dragon in the upper levels, sin spawn and ghosts deep in the city, plus goblins running about. However now is not the time for the party to be exploring[7].

Whilst waiting for pickup:

  • Treffen quizzed the Lich about crafting magic items
  • Menander examined his library for military/tactical texts.
  • Kalmar did the same focussing on angels
  • Yangrit worked out that the Lich is a figure from ancient history, and his background was discussed in some detail

Eventually a wizard and priest teleport in, heal the party, and teleport back to Karinith.

On arrival Kizen receives a note from Damien with three tasks, pick one:

  • Assisting with the incursion in Ryx
  • An issue on the inland sea
  • An issue with an outpost in the far north.

The party elected to research the outpost, and found some odd reports. Essentially everything has gone eerily quiet. It could be because forces have been drawn away, or it could be a prelude to a major assault.

As part of the investigations the party met Damien’s third in command, a goblin known as Pyro[8]. Each party member received a scroll with identity details and security clearance from Pyro. These contain a more or less complete history of each character.

Pyro opens a sealed scroll on Outpost 13 from Damien’s records. The scroll indicates that Tiefling 654 was assigned to the outpost for a classified mission, but is now missing presumed dead.

On the off chance that a major attack is in the offing, Kalmar, Kizen and Menander head off to the Temple of Gorum to recruit reinforcements.

This proves to be remarkably easy, after all the party are promising the Gorumites a chance to hit things that hit back. So something like 200 Crusaders and 50 Berserkers will be along for the ride.

As will Kali the rider of the gargantuan Brass Dragon Libertas[9].

Damien’s wizards will provide the teleportation through to Outpost 13.

Session 11: In which things get hot

Outpost 13 is built into the Ring of Fire right next to a volcano. A volcano that is steadily approaching eruption.

This session got messy and the party didn’t see everything that was going on. In essence there was a traitor trying to set the volcano off, a massive assault on the Outpost that lost the first two courtyards before a counter attack, young magma dragons in the volcano, and a death worm destroying the teleportation circle that is the party’s line of retreat.

The first job for the party was to investigate the volcano, the Ifrit Pyromancer assigned to make it blow was worried that something was moving around in the magma. The source of the Pyromancer’s orders were unclear, but the party headed down to the caldera protected by Resist Fire anyway.

The two very young magma dragons were not really a threat, and happy to talk to the party. They did alert the party to a death worm that was burrowing into the keep.

This triggered the frantic rush back to the teleportation circle just in time to encounter said Death worm. Fighting this could have gotten nasty given the breath weapon and electrical powers, but putting Kalmar and Yangrit in flanking positions did the trick nicely.

Back on the surface Libertas was chowing down on a Pit Fiend in front of the final gate[10]. After his snack, Libertas supported the retaking of the first two courtyards by the Gorumites.

Meanwhile it turns out that a traitor tiefling using the number 456[11] was trying to set off the volcano, but had the misfortune to be caught by Kali during the process.

As the tremors die down the teleportation circle is repaired, and the magma is stabilising some 15’ below the teleportation chamber.

The situation appears to be that the fort itself is secure, the outlying area is iffy, and the aerial recon squads are missing…


A couple of good sessions with one fast combat. I’m increasingly liking how well Menander is working as the buff character, and this will improve as the party levels up. Speaking of which the party is now level 5 so here’s what the latest version of Menander looks like.

[1] Which Menander apparently spent guarding a magically sealed door for no readily apparent reason. Don’t examine this too closely.
[2] Wisely. I get the impression that this thing is something that the Big Bad needs to be polite with.
[3] Putting the lich in contact with someone who would be interested in his research. I suspect that the party will nominate Damien for that.
[4] These are carved into the wall in undercommon, which Menander can read.
[5] Insert game mechanic note here: when said familiar is referred to as a large cat, this is the size category. i.e. this thing is bigger than humans.
[6] Take your pick.
[7] Hello, Mummy Rot anyone?
[8] And for the obvious reason…
[9] Yes. THAT Kali. Apparently she fell through a gate from the previous game world into this one sometime during the Apocalypse. I’m tempted to provide the GM with a version of Eric that can wander through occasionally…
[10] Which part of “Gargantuan Brass Dragon” do you not understand?
[11] The tiefling that’s supposed to be in the area was 654 not 456.